A documentary film directed by Laetitia Mikles
Editing : Anne Souriau
Director of photography : Frédéric Serve
Sound : Brice Cavallero
Sound editing : Sélim Azzazi
Mix : Emmanuel Croset

With Jacky Adam, Céline Delenat, Jérôme Delenat, Henri Delord, Véronique Denis, Brahim Essaïd, Dominique Fournier, Nelly Fuseau, Stéphane Gavaret, Roland Gimenes, Grégoire Jean-Baptiste, Damien Lamarque, Christophe Leroy, Jean Louis, Maïté Métivier, Marie-Christine Nault and Jérôme Voisin.
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Annabelle, Christophe, Damien, Maïté and Jérôme are deaf. They express themselves through the sign language.

But Annabelle, Christophe, Damien, Maïté and Jérôme need to sign in each other’s hands, for they are also blind.

Their tactile sign language is sensual and mysterious. They need this touching in order to meet with one another, to tell jokes, to argue or to love...


  « Écrans documentaires » film festival
  Festival of message to man (Saint Petersbourg)
  Festival of Nancy
  « Retour d'image » film festival
  Cinédoc film festival
  Festival of Vendôme...

  Wealth of deaf culture award
  Helen Keller International Award
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