A documentary film by Aurélien Gerbault
Director of photography : Frédéric Serve
Editing : Anne Souriau
Sound : Aurélien Gerbault
Sound editing : Alexandre Hecker
Mix : Emmanuel Croset

It is a documentary with :
Ventura José, Tavarés Borgés, Pedro costa, Pedro marques, Olivier blanc, Hugo Azevedo, Gustavo sumpta, Ivan rodriguez, « Canequinha » Johnson, Katuta Branca.

Vanda Duarte in "Ossos" and "Dans la chambre de Vanda ».

« Muletas » paulo nunes, « Lento » Alberto Ramos Baros, « Xana » Alexandre Silva, Cila Moreira in "Juventude em marcha ».
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Fascinated by the Fontainhas neighbourhood, Pedro Costa filmed the inhabitants of this shantytown every day.

For him, his work and this neighbourhood are inextricably linked. Taking advantage of this latest feature film shot in Libson, (En avant, Jeunesse), Aurélien Gerbault became a witness rather than an investigator : We are invited to witness a secret craftsmanship, an art of concentration, through sound takes, text rehearsals, incessant choices between different, subtle and difficult-to-decide-on shots.

The true nature of filming is revealed : an intimate space with the harshness of reality.


Fid of Marseille, Festivals of Berlin, Lussas, Fipa, ...
Edit on DVD in France, Spain, in the USA, England, Japan ......
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